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Restate on AWS EC2 with CDK

The Restate CDK support library provides convenient constructs for managing Restate server deployments on AWS. We currently offer support for a simple single-node deployment to Amazon EC2.

If you don't have an existing CDK project, follow the CDK Getting started page to set one up.

Adding the Restate CDK support library​

Add the Restate CDK support library to your project:

npm install @restatedev/restate-cdk

Deploying a single-node Restate server​

The SingleNodeRestateDeployment construct deploys a single-node server on Amazon EC2, suitable for development purposes. An EC2 instance will be created in a new internet-connected VPC – alternatively, you can provide one explicitly. You can optionally enable tracing integration, which will grant the instance role permission to send traces to AWS X-Ray.

import * as restate from "@restatedev/restate-cdk";

const environment = new restate.SingleNodeRestateDeployment(this, "Restate", {
restateTag: "latest",
tracing: restate.TracingMode.AWS_XRAY,
logGroup: new logs.LogGroup(scope, "RestateLogs", {
logGroupName: "/restate/server-logs",
retention: logs.RetentionDays.ONE_MONTH,

See deploying Restate services on AWS Lambda with CDK for more information on deploying services.